open plan kitchen

Contemporary Transformation


A modern open planned bungalow 

bright light filled kitchen
bright light filled kitchen
basement bathroom
mudroom bench
bathroom niches
basement bar

Project Details

Bungalow 1970’s original condition home

Above ground Area: 1600sft, Basement 1500sft

Bedrooms: 3 up, 1 down

Bathrooms: 2 up, 1 down

Living Spaces: 1 up, 1 down


It can be challenging to decide where to start any project

Whether you have sketches of your new layout or have no idea where to start or what is possible, we work alongside you.

Our team has years of experience and knowledge in managing the entire project from start to finish.

We take the guesswork, leg work, and unknowns out of the project and create a stress-free enjoyable journey to a Beautiful Space you will love.

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